Secure Credit Card Transactions

 sQueakyClean Soaps by Angie participates in a secure server shopping cart program offered by Mal's e-commerce and a secure credit card processing service offered by PayPal. The process begins when you submit your order... Mal's securely collects your order information, and emails your order to us. Customers who select the credit card payment option will be directed to PayPal's secure credit card transaction service. PayPal will securely accept your credit card information. We have enclosed a description (below) of Mal's secure shopping cart service and PayPal's secure credit card transaction service.  

Please see below for links to the sites of both electronic security service providers.

Money order and check payment options are also available.

Mal's e-commerce Service Description:
Mal's e-commerce provides a secure shopping cart service for businesses engaged in e-commerce.


PayPal's Service Description:
PayPal's secure credit card transaction service:

It's Secure 
PayPal's strong encryption is safer than
checks, which can be forged, altered,
counterfeited, or lost.

It's Private 
Payment recipients never see your credit
card or bank account numbers. That makes
PayPal great for online auction purchases
and shopping online. See our privacy and
security policies for more information.

It's Convenient 
Email Money to anyone with an email

It's Easy 
Just enter the recipient's email address and
the dollar amount. You can pay or request
money to individuals and groups by email.

For more information about PayPal's
secure credit card transaction service,
please visit their website by clicking here.


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