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About sQueakyClean Soaps by Angie

Squeaky Clean has been manufacturing hand crafted soaps and bath products since January 2000. We decided to expand into a business due to the overwhelming and very positive response from those friends and family who had received our products as gifts.

Our products are made using all vegetable ingredients, and are never tested on animals. All of the coloring agents and fragrance oils we use are FDA approved for cosmetic use. Our products are all available in any of our fabulous fragrances. In handcrafted soaps such as ours, the glycerin, which remains in the soap, serve as humectants. Our soaps produce a great lather (for the best lather, we recommend using a bath puff) and feel wonderful on your skin . For the longest lasting bar of soap, we recommend using a soap saver and removing the soap from the shower after each use. The milk bath is a very nourishing bath treatment, which leaves your skin silky smooth. Bath salts are made using a combination of salts, which have been used for generations due to the healing properties they are said to contain. Gift baskets are custom made in any denomination starting at ten dollars. They are available using any of our products and can be made for other events and special occasions.

Pamper yourself and the ones you love!

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